The story behind We the Resilient :

Amid the rancor of the 2016 presidential campaign, one uplifting story captured the media’s attention. A website called “I Waited 96 Years!” highlighted the voices of women born before August 1920—when the 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote. Now they were enthusiastically casting ballots to send a woman to the White House.


The election’s shocking result left many asking how the country could possibly overcome its division and move forward. We the Resilient: Wisdom for America from Women Born Before Suffrage offers compelling answers from those who know best—the same remarkable women, between 96 and 104 years of age, who have experienced so much and endured so long. Their wisdom offers much needed perspective, reassurance, and inspiration at this critical moment.

About the editors:

SARAH BUNIN BENOR is a professor of Contemporary Jewish

Studies at Hebrew Union College. She received her PhD from Stanford University

in Linguistics. She is the author of Becoming Frum: How Newcomers Learn the

Language and Culture of Orthodox Judaism (Rutgers University Press, 2012, winner

of the Sami Rohr Choice Award for Jewish Literature) and many articles about

Jewish languages and American Jews. She has created several websites, including

the Jewish English Lexicon.


TOM FIELDS-MEYER is the author of Following Ezra: What One Father

Learned About Gumby, Otters, Autism, and Love from His Extraordinary Son and

coauthor of Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism. Formerly a People

magazine senior writer, he has written articles for The New York Times Magazine,

The Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. He assists individuals in

writing memoirs and teaches memoir writing in the UCLA Extension Writers’


About the publisher:

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